preservation commission

The Village of Grand Cane Preservation Commission, comprised of volunteers, serves under the Village of Grand Cane Board of Alderman. The Commission is responsible for enforcing the Preservation Ordinance, which ensures the protection of the historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and all elements located within the Historic District. The Commission performs an annual inspection of all the buildings in the Historic District and advises the building owners of the results of the inspection, according to the Preservation Ordinance. In addition, the Commission is responsible for the education about and enjoyment of the Village of Grand Cane Historic District.

Glory Windham - Chair Person

Joyce Cook - Member

Bill Cook - Member

Ninette Russell - Member

Cheryl Rives - Member

Sheila Forget - Member

Clayton Davis - Member

PO Box 82

Grand Cane, La 71032

Ph: 318-858-3251

Fax: 318-858-3555

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