historic grand cane association

Mission statement:

Engage in all activities that promote the appreciation, protection, and appropriate development of the Village of Grand Cane's historic buildings, culture and landscape. To fulfill its purposes, the Historic Grand Cane Association will raise funds, obtain public support and engage in all activities that promote education as to the history and culture of Grand Cane.

HGCA Board Members:

Charlotte Miller - President

Brendale Bacque - Vice President

Marva Anderson - Treasurer

Dianne Mason - Secretary

Suzanne Brossette - Member

Kay Griffith - Member

Kelsey Griffith - Member

John Franklin - Member

Kathleen Davis - Member

Cook Hill Bed and Breakfast is located at 816 5th Street, about 2 blocks from the historic district. The Bed and Breakfast is owned and operated by the Historic Grand Cane Association. For reservations and rates, please call Kathleen Davis at 318-858-0800 and leave a message.

Village Park maintained by HGCA and Village of Grand Cane.

Annual Car Show is sponsored by HGCA, held on the 3rd Saturday in October. Contact Dianne Mason for details at 318-858-2556.